Vishal: A story of beginning of new life

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Hi, Friends! I am Vishal Dhanani. I am a first-year student of practical elements of mechanical Engineering. I want to share my feelings I had when I landed here for the first time.
The very first thing I felt after coming here was 'cultural shock'. I felt it when I boarded the flight heading towards Toronto from London Heathrow airport. New people, new language awestruck me and made me little nervous. After landing in Toronto, I met my friend who has been staying there for a long time. He introduced me to his friends who are also living with him. While going to his home, what I beheld left me feeling awful. I was speechless against the seamless majesty of Canada. Everything I saw on route thrilled me and made me forget the exhaustion for some time. Adding to this feeling was a playing of music I loved so much. It still gives me goosebumps when I hear that music.
After coming to London, I met my friend who reached there before me and already found one room. It didn’t take long before we became good friends.
I found London very tranquil and well-organized city after spending few days. I only wish that euphoria that I felt in first few days, never ends.


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