Walter: A story of sharing passion

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All my life I have been passionate about being creative and about learning.

As a kid I put on magic shows, drew cartoons, invented and built robots. I taught kids to draw and wired our apple iic computer to our VCR (I think it was a BETA - don’t ask). Later, I dabbled with stage hypnosis, light and sound mind machines (sits in my closet) and experienced isolation float tanks. I was obsessed with learning, exploring my creativity and the library was my second home (still is - you can find me checking out the animation and design magazines on the first floor or on the second floor of our Fanshawe Central Library).

Later I focused my innovative thinking to illustrative designs and have spent over twenty years in the advertising and design industry. My love of being creative and learning continues to grow and being a professor at Fanshawe College has allowed me to share my passion and obsessions with my students.

My advice for someone who is coming to Fanshawe College or is already a student, would be to follow your passion, become obsessed with what you love and get to know the staff and professors - they are here because they love what they do and want to help you reach your true potential.

Walter Sayers
creator. life-long learner. professor of Graphic Design


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