YUYUE: A story of new start

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Relocating to Canada has been a true adventure in my life because I've had to start everything from scratch. I struggled a lot the first semester of the Corporate Communication & Public Relations program. I was thinking I could still maintain excellent academic records as usual, however the writing class was a disaster for me. I could only achieve low marks even though I tried my best. I failed so many times that I doubted whether I could make it. My confidence was gone and I was reluctant to talk with anyone around me. Life was just a mess.
My professor helped me a lot with improving my writing skills and inspired me to be a fighter for life. “Excellent students can always be excellent wherever he/she goes as long as he/she fights for it.” I still remembered her words and adjusted myself to the new start. Then came the second semester. My confidence came back and I could also see great progress in my studies. I practiced a lot to be a communication professional. I was even hired by Fanshawe's International Centre and volunteered with various not-for-profit organizations after graduation. Now, I’m excited to start my work as Communication Intern at City of London soon. My time at Fanshawe has definitely been a remarkable experience.


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